Every day 10 kiwis are told they have prostate cancer, help us be there for them 

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Cancer can have a devastating impact on physical, emotional and financial wellbeing for individuals and families at any time of the year. Please send a life-changing gift today.

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"When thinking about my dad now, I'm afraid he felt alone through his journey. He didn't access services or speak to anyone about it. Dad was very much a guy in how he got on with things, but he didn't have to got through those mental struggles alone. Although he didn't use the services the Prostate Cancer Foundation provides, if he had, I hope that he would not have felt so alone through his journey." - Rachel, whose father Brian lost his 15-year battle with prostate cancer in October 2022. 

At the Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ we see first hand how a prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment pathway can be challenging and emotional for the whole family. Despite the availability of support services, like many men, Brian chose to keep his struggles private, primarily with close family members.

Through this experience Rachel identified a lack of available information and understanding about prostate cancer in New Zealand. 

With your help, we can honour the memory of loved ones like Brian and ensure that everyone has access to the support they need, when they need it the most.    

Every day, 10 kiwis like Brian will be told they have prostate cancer. Please will you send a gift today, so we can be there to provide free information, counselling and other essential support when they need it the most? 


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