I'm planning an event that is not during Blue September, what should I do next? 

If your planned events is at another time or you would like to discuss your ideas please contact the Events Team and they'll be in touch with you directly. 


 09 415 2404

I have an idea, how do I get started?

That’s easy. Just click the Get Started button. Straight away you’ll be on to setting up your fundraising page that you can personalise with details of your event and share with your friends, family and wider networks.

 Please note: During Blue September all the registration links (except In Memory) will take you to Blue September. If you're planning an event at another time please contact the Events Team to discuss your plans. Alternatively you could set up a fundraising page for your event here, at Just Giving


 09 415 2404


How do I decide what to do?

Pick something you find challenging, something you’d like to give up (or do more of), face a fear, or tick something off your bucket list. The options are endless and it’s completely up to you. You could put it out to your friends, family or work colleagues and form a group to create your own unique event. Being part of a group working together toward a common goal can be great fun and highly rewarding. What matters is that it’s a challenge or something that motivates you (that way your supporters will be motivated to get behind you). Check out our Fundraising Ideas or our Featured Fundraisers for a little inspiration.

What’s next after I’ve registered?

If you’ve yet to personalise your page, by adding a profile photo and other details to tell people what you’re doing and why. Then kickstart your fundraising by donating to your page (if you haven’t done so already). Not only will this help you get closer to your goal but it will also motivate your other supporters to give too. Then get sharing your page link with others by email or on social media (the links are all there for you) – your friends, family and wider networks. Everyone will think what you’re doing is great so put yourself out there and ask for their support. And don’t forget to thank them along the way.

I’m holding an event, do you have any gear I can use?

We have a range of branded collateral and educational material that it available, such as blue ribbons, balloons, bunting etc. Just get in touch or mention it when our Events Team get in touch once you have registered.

Are there any age restrictions?

That depends on the event you are running or have registered to join. If you're joining an event check the FAQs and T&Cs of that event. 

If you want to organise your own event please check in with the Events Team, via Contact Us

I’d like to fundraise online and hold a physical event. Is that possible?

Absolutely, this is one of the best ways to publicise your event and reach your fundraising goal. Please note: you cannot use your Fundraising Page to sell raffle or tickets of any kind relating to an external event. Please get in touch with the Events Team who will be answer any of your questions. See the Contact Us page for contact details. 

I have a special occasion coming up. Can I ask family and friends to donate in lieu or gifts, or in memory of a loved one?

Absolutely. That is such a lovely thought. Just set up a fundraising page [A DIY Event or In Memory] and share it with them. If you would prefer a donation box please get in touch and we will send you one, and anything else you need.

 Can’t see your question listed here?

Please get in touch and our team will be happy to help. See the Contact Us page for details.