Frequently Asked Questions

How do I bank the money I have raised?

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Account Name: Prostate Cancer Foundation

Bank: ASB Bank

Account Number 12 3031 0184117 00

Please include your Blue Do reference number.

To receive a receipt for a direct bank deposit, please put your reference number (included in first email sent) as a reference and email your receipt details to

When will my event pack be sent?

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We will start despatching event packs mid-August. If your event is before then we will despatch it earlier so you receive it in time. 

Please let us know if: 

  • If any details, such as the date of your event change; 
  • If there are any specific delivery instructions; or
  • Your delivery address is different to that you have supplied in event details. 


What if I need more merchandise?

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Email to discuss your needs.

Do I have to hold my Blue Do in September?

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Not at all, by all means hold your event at another time. Feel free to do BLUE whenever it works for you, October, November or beyond. 

Just be sure to let us know your event date when you register so we can provide you with support or assist you in changing dates or other details if need be. 

I have leftover merchandise, how do I return it to you?

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You don’t need to return the merchandise, please feel free to keep if for next year.

I am having difficulty with my fundraising page.

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Please read some of the other FAQs and if you can't find an answer there please email 

How do I share my page?

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Look for the social media icons on the dashboard of your fundraising page. Click on any of the links to share your page with friends and followers, via: 

  • Facebook
  •  Twitter  
  •  Email  
  • Or create a URL link which you can copy and paste. 

 Please note: Social sharing is not an option for Instagram (their platform does not enable this) 


I'd like to edit my profile or change details of my Blue Do.

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If you want to change any details or personalise your Fundraising page simply LOGIN (you'll find this on the Home Page header, top right). Once you've logged in click on the Dropdown menu select Edit Page. 

  • Profile Picture: Click on the camera icon to update the image. You will be able to scale the image somewhat for best results use a JPEG 500 x 500 pixels. 
  • Banner Image: Click on the camera icon to update your page banner. For best results use a JPEG over 1400 pixels wide.
  • You can change the URL of your page if you prefer not to use your First Name / Last Name. Scroll down the page a little and you'll find the Field to input your new URL. Please note, if you have already shared your URL you will need to reshare it after changing it. The pre-updated version will no longer work.   
  • You can also update any of your Event Details here.

If you would like to change the name of your page LOGIN as above, and go to MY ACCOUNT

  • Write your new name in this field and then scroll to the bottom of the page to SAVE CHANGES.

Contact us if you would like help with anything. 

  • PLEASE NOTE: you cannot use your Fundraising Page to sell raffles or tickets of any kind related to an external event.  

How much money do I have to raise?

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There is no set amount, every dollar counts. Lots of littles make a lot. 

Where do I get my reference number?

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Your reference number was sent in your confirmation email when you registered, please check SPAM/JUNK folders if you haven’t received it. If you can’t find your reference number please email or phone 0800 477 678.

How do I get a receipt for my business / group?

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Use the Funds to Bank form supplied in your Blue Do Pack. If you need to update the name under which you were registered please contact Finance Manager Lisa Catterall.