Personal Stories

Thousands of Kiwis have gone blue, for many reasons, these are some of their stories...

Dylan Kay

I’m a private man, so I post this with hesitation, but here goes… How did you spend Valentine’s Day 2023?  - I had a biopsy confirming that I had prostate cancer. On 18th May, I had the surgery to cure it.  

In July, I was given the "all clear" by my specialist, 2 months after my prostate surgery. There's still more recovery to go, but it feels like a new chapter has begun. The whole experience has been, of course, life-changing on so many levels, and now I'm looking forwards, not back. I'm acutely aware of those we have lost to this hateful curse that is cancer, and my heart goes out to those going through similar journeys.

I've been lucky - I had a skilled surgeon and caught it early. Men - please talk to your GP and get tested if appropriate. It could save your life. It was so special to be able to say to my kids that (in the words of the specialist), I now have no prostate cancer "from the top of my head to the soles of my feet”.