Why Blue September?

Moana 'Mo' Hoera and Vivian 'Viv' Hahipene have both been successfully treated for prostate cancer. Both agree that 'early detection is the best protection' and both are passionate about increasing awareness among Maori men, who are much more likely to die once diagnosed than non-Maori men. 

Mo, from Opotiki, is working closely with the local DHB and Maori Health Workers in a project to create greater awareness of prostate cancer and, improve diagnosis and treatment for Maori men in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. 

Viv is from Te Teko and experienced many health system communication issues and delays during his difficult 14-month journey before finally receiving successful treatment. He is regularly engages in korero about prostate cancer with members of the Eastern Bay of Plenty and Gisborne communities. 

I'd like to take the chance to thank Blue September and a friend of mine, John. I was having some of the symptoms of prostate problems for a couple of months but didn't know the possible significance of those symptoms. Thanks to you guys, I went and got the full check-up and, luckily, was given the all clear. I was worried for a while but I would advise everyone to get checked if they have the slightest doubt. It's really not that bad and could save your life.