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Your questions and comments are important to us. If you have a question regarding your Blue Do you might find your answer in our FAQs which will save you some time. If you'd like to register an event outside of Blue September just head to our website where you’ll also find information about prostate cancer, support services and more. Our key campaign contacts are listed below and if you'd like to send us a message just select the relevant form (click the tab) below. 

Fundraising Enquiries

Phone: 027 239 5817


Mel Ion
Events Assistant

Ph: 09 414 6101

Carol Roche
Events & Promotions Manager

Ph: 09 415 2404


Lisa Catterall
Finance Manager

Phone: 09 415 2407

Marketing & Sponsorship

Paul Hayes 

Fundraising & Marketing Manager

Phone: 027 293 7466

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