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Help us support and improve the wellbeing of Kiwi men and their families living with prostate cancer.

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Every year, hundreds of dedicated people across the country raise awareness and funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation, enabling them to continue providing support for men and their families living with a prostate cancer diagnosis, raise awareness of the disease, advocate for early diagnosis, and invest in research to improve treatments and outcomes. Check out these fundraising ideas and follow the links to get started. Whatever you choose to do, your challenge will make a difference for Kiwis living with a prostate cancer diagnosis, and future generations.

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Featured Event

The Fondle Filter

This April, Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, we want to raise awareness of this disease, which often doesn’t exhibit symptoms in the early stages, but is highly treatable if detected early. 

Young guys may not be comfy with the thought of scratching around down there, so to make it a whole lot less scary we created the Fondle Filter.Put your money where their balls are.

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