Leanne Birch

Pedal4Prostate 2022

This year I am taking on Hampton Downs in Pedal4Prostate

This year I am taking on Hampton Downs in Pedal4Prostate to raise vital funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation who support Kiwi men and their families living with prostate cancer. Please support my effort by making a donation to my page. Thanks in advance for your donation!

My Updates

Training is slow

Friday 30th Sep
So recovering from a broken ankle means training is slow. I'm still struggling to get my foot out of the pedal without pain. 
Lucky for me though I am doing the whole 4 hours and won't need to take my foot out of the pedal.
With the Devonport Half Marathon this weekend, it's going to be a test to the fitness to see if I'm ready.
Fingers crossed it's going to be sunshine for the 9th. 
Happy pedaling! 

Here we go

Monday 19th Sep
So with last years P4P being postponed due to COVID, it's exciting to have the event going ahead once again. 
Recovering from a broken ankle has hindered my miles on the road, but I've been able to do the time on the Wahoo - even if I want to set it on fire and watch it burn. 
We did get some time at the Velodrome as well. All training is good training. 

Here we go

Friday 13th Aug
New Zealand Dirt Track Racing Magazine are entering the Pedal 4 Prostate as a two person team. 

Many of us have lived with, known and loved men how have had this awful disease and we want to support the ongoing research into the education, prevention and curing of it. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rob Woodman

Go team!!! From the woodman's


Julie Veltmeyer

You are awesome!


Leanne Birch


Karl Weber

Better go really fast!



Good luck




Rach Scully

Peddle fast birch


Robert Wylie

because I steal your lollies when you are not here


Pammi Richdale

You are one amazing lady and am happy to donate and share your goal. 🤗


Laura Warde

Whakamihi Leanne!