We're getting SaddleSore for a great cause!

This Blue September we are planning to do a group SaddleSore ride (https://www.ironbutt.com/themerides/ssmorekm/index.html) in various places around New Zealand, all on Sept 23rd (the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere).

We are long distance motorcycle riders, who will each ride 1600km within a 24 hour period on the Spring Equinox, raising funds for Blue September.

Riders include:

* Julian Boyd and Mike Green

* Chris and Stella Wiltshire

* Luke Mitchell

* Johan Meyer and

* Stu Leslie

- all current Iron Butt Association Members / Riders.

We are doing our bit to raise vital funds for Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ who support kiwi men and their families living with prostate cancer. Please support our 'Blue Do' by making a donation to our page. Thanks in advance for your generosity! 

My Updates

"Make good decisions..."

Thursday 21st Sep
I'm always encouraging our riders to 'make good decisions'; there is enough inherent risk in these types of rides without being silly about the weather... We're looking at our Northland ride, and what is forecast for this Saturday - we'll make a call tomorrow whether we're heading out for it or whether we'll postpone our ride to the coming weekend. This would potentially affect 4 of the riders in the northern region, but the weather elsewhere is also looking a little iffy... It's up to each of the riders (or groups of), to make their own calls here; we're all adults and capable of making decisions for ourselves. Thankfully in NZ, we're not yet at the point of a nanny-state to the degree that we can't do this, yet... So - watch this space.

Johan Meyer is joining us...

Tuesday 12th Sep
Johan will be joining our Northland group of riders, making that a group ride of 4. :) - Thanks Johan, looking forward to you sharing in our fun. :)

Luke is joining us! :)

Friday 1st Sep
Luke is going to join us on our Northland Provincial effort. :)

Our previous spotwalla link...

Thursday 24th Aug
Here’s our spring equinox link from 2019: https://new.spotwalla.com/trip/5527-3cafa-e792/view

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kinsmen S.m.c.

Stay shiny side up.


Luke Mitchell


Andy M

Go guys: you got this!! No pain;no gain 🤣


Bianca Meyer


Duncan Mitchell



Good luck, be safe.


Erika Meyer




Wayne Graves

Will be watching.


Jackie Leslie


John And Doreen Minshull

Ride safe guys! - Well done, we're backing you all the way!... XXXX


Andrew Rogers


Enigma Solutions

Enigma is happy to make a donation to this worthy cause. Ride safe!


Siôn Lewis

Stay the shiny side up ✌️



Enjoy the ride!


Philip Hunt



Go well team, I'll be watching!!


Kellie Magee

Good luck! Great cause


Glynis Ng

Good on you Stu Leslie and other Iron Butties for riding for a great cause. Have fun out there!


Mt From Moc

Go Stu!!


Anthony & Janette

Our pleasure to sponsor you Stu Have a great ride guys


Heather Leslie

Go well lads - stay safe


Deane Whitton

Good luck Stu


Sandy And Andy

Our pleasure to sponsor you Stu. Go well!!



Good luck chasing your goal and good luck with your rides .... may they both be achieved with great success.


Susan & Ryan

Good luck!


Andrew M

Ride like the wind... but safely 😌


Traff And Jess

Shiny side up


Chris Wiltshire Julian Boyd


Julian Boyd



Great event for a great cause. Well done Team and all the best. Sticky side down and throttle ON