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By Testicular Cancer NZ

Put your money where their balls are

Testicles, often hilarious, sometimes deadly. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer among Kiwi men under 40. Every year around 175 are diagnosed with the disease, and 8 will die, young people with their lives ahead of them.  

We want to raise awareness of this disease, which often doesn’t exhibit symptoms in the early stages, but is highly treatable if detected early. 

Young guys may not be comfy with the thought of scratching around down there, so to make it a whole lot less scary we created the Fondle Filter.

Your generous donation will help Testicular Cancer NZ, not only continue to raise awareness of the disease, but also to provide vital services to men affected by it; a toll free nurse-led Information Service; free Counselling service, and Welfare Grants to assist those experiencing hardship related to their treatment.

Testicular Cancer NZ sits within its umbrella organisation – the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand (PCFNZ) – from whom donation receipts will be issued. To find out more visit

My Updates

Make a regular date with your testicles for a quick self-check. This video will show you how.

Friday 19th May

How to access the Fondle Filter

Monday 3rd Apr
Open Snapchat, scan this code and you're on your way. Turn any bally thing into a pair of testicles and get fondling. And don't forget to share video of your hand playing with the Fondle Filter, and get a friend to video you playing with the Fondle Filter, then saved the vids and share them across all your social channels. 


Now any ball can teach you to check your own

Monday 3rd Apr
1. Squeeze for lumps or bumps
2. Feel the tubes at the back
3. Any lumps, or anything out of the ordinary, get a check up. Do not wait for it to go away. Early detection saves lives! 

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Much love to you Fletcher, well done for being so open about your journey to help other gorgeous young men. x


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Fletcher We are your army and together we have this!!! You are wonderful in sharing how important this testing is!! We love you Mumma and Grandad


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