Drews Blue Doo

I'm fundraising for a great cause!

This Blue September I am doing a Blue Do to raise vital funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation who support Kiwi men and their families living with prostate cancer. Please support my Blue Do by making a donation to my page. Thanks in advance for your donation!

My Updates

24 Hour Livestream

Thursday 10th Sep
This Saturday, 12th September I will be holding a 24 hour livestream (wish me luck!) to raise funds for Blue September. Feel free to join in, search Drew's Blue Do on Facebook!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Victoria Piggott

For the Catering by Stacey Auction. Woop woop.



Awesome work! Let me know where I need to collect the jacket from. Keep it up!


Lemonade Consulting

Look forward to my de-stressing aids 😁


Sarah Fair

Great initiative for a worthy cause.Good luck for the rest of your 'do' Drew!


The Ab’s

Cheers for the quiz, it was fun!


Emily, Charlotte And Anita

Thank you for the Hamper. Our Dad needs a shave 🤣🤣🤣. Keep up the great work for PCFNZ.


Johanna Urquhart

Thanks for your efforts Drew and the lovely pharmacy hamper


Isaac Giles

You’re the best bro keep it up 💕


Mike P

Good Work Drew - epic effort - you are a great human!



Proud of you Drew!!


Lemonade Consulting

Go Drew! 💙




Trish Keogh

It's hard going but think of every person you are helping



For the lashes - But aside from that well Drew - you’ve been a 🌟




Matthew Dugmore

Bro awesome!! Keep it up


Johanna Urquhart

Bless you for your efforts Drew





Awesome work Drew! I won Latoya Stowers Babysitting


Isaac Giles


Angie Lakau



good luck! And thanks for the tracker booklet!


Summer Johnston




Cole wasn't stoked with the quality of joke for $4.90 hahahaha. But a deal is a deal.