Brent's Blue September

I'm fundraising for a great cause!

This Blue September I am shaving my head to raise vital funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation who support Kiwi men and their families living with prostate cancer. Please support me by making a donation to my page. Thanks in advance for your donation!

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Brent's Blue September

Wednesday 20th Jul

Hi all, I've decided to get on-board and raise money for the Blue September (prostate awareness) campaign.

This effects most if not all males, in one way or another and that's why raising funds is important. Instead of doing a "Blue do" I'll be shaving my head down to a number zero as by the time this rolls around, it would have been 10months without a trim.

Those of you know me well know my hair doesn't go 6-8 weeks before being trimmed back to a number 3.

Let's achieve at the minimum $1000.00 of fundraising. If this goal is attained I may even let one of you lucky donators to come along and take the pleasure of cutting these curly locks off.

So come on and support this great cause and get the donations rolling in. Thanks all and I'll post some photos of the mop throughout the coming weeks.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Brent Butler



Awesome work B!



Good man, Nachoooooo!


Forever Loved Grave Care

Awesome work growing that hair mate and a fantastic opportunity to make others aware of this.


Samantha Chilcott

Love your work! Such an important cause. Hope you have a beanie haha Bloody fresh out there atm!


Lisa Henderson

Wonderful cause Brent 💙 good on you