In memory of Martin

By Doing it for our boys Join Me

Hi Family and Friends

This is the first time in four years that I have not been able to hold the usual fundraising event. I always had a fun afternoon tea with all things blue , with quizzes and auctions etc. We sold tickets to the function and we have always been able to raise at least $500.00. This year, due to Covid, an event with 40ish people in a smallish space sharing kai has not been a goer. But this cause is to important to not try and find another way to raise some money. Cancer doesn't stop or go into isolation because of a pandemic and there are men out there that need our help.

And I probably don't need to tell why it is so dear to my heart because anyone who knew my brother Martin knows how much I loved him.

So lets see if we can raise a bit of money to help fight this dreadful disease - donate and do it for our boys!!

Thank you to my Supporters





Great cause Rose, happy to donate.