About us


7 November 2021


Skydive Auckland, Parakai Airfield, 73 Green Road, Parakai

Refine freedom and escape reality with the highest tandem skydive in New Zealand, at an adrenaline peaking 20,000 feet. Imagine freefalling at 200+ km/hr under an endless blue canopy and the Auckland isthmus and beyond at your feet. Following freefall you’ll get to enjoy stunning views in every direction and once back on terra firma you’ll want to do it all over again.

Skydive Auckland has an awesome viewing deck so your friends and family will be able to witness all the action and celebrate with you afterward.

What next?

It’s pretty simple really, just register yourself today. Go on, you’re brave enough!

Sign up

Create your own fundraising page, personalise it with a picture or two, and share your story with friends, family and your networks.


Take the jump

Join us, Skydive Auckland and your fellow jumpers on December 12 to Skydive4Prostate. And don’t forget to bring along your band of supporters to take in the action and celebrate your amazing feat with you.

Make a difference

The Prostate Cancer Foundation receives no government funding, relying instead the generosity of people like you. Your efforts ensure we are able to continue providing free support services to men and their families living with a prostate cancer diagnosis and better the outcomes for future generations through advocating for improved early diagnosis and treatments.  


Getting started 

Far more than a ripple effect – every Skydive4Prostate jumper contributes to a massive wave of support for cancer research. Raising money might seem daunting but we’re here to help.

Here are some Top Fundraising Tips

Donate to yourself

To kick-start your fundraising, why not lead by example and make a donation to yourself? Research shows that people who make a donate to themselves prior to asking friends and family to support them, raise more. They are more likely to follow suit and match, or better, your donation.

Personalise your page

Believe it or not, personalising your page by uploading a photo of yourself and sharing your reason for taking on Pedal4Prostate, your supporters are more likely to donate when asked. Updating your page from time to time will likewise attract donations, and keep your supporters up to date with your training efforts and the like.

Get out there and share

Once you’ve personalised or updated your page, reach out to friends, families and social networks for help to reach your fundraising target. Challenge events like Pedal4Prostate are especially likely to garner support, so utilise the tools at your disposal – SMS, emails, social media and good old word of mouth – to spread the works. Don’t forget to follow up if anyone hasn’t responded to your requests, sometimes it takes a second ask, as they may have been distracted the first time.

Do something you love

From workplace morning teas to a quiz night, corporate dollar matching or donations from professional networks and clients, there are many ways to fundraise. Do it your way. Find something you enjoy and encourage others to do it with you – for a donation. We can help with ideas and tips, so just ask.

Thank your supporters

It is so important to thank every one of your supporters. This should be personal, appropriate and timely, ideally within 48 hours of receiving a donation. Thank them on your fundraising page but you might also like to publicly acknowledge their kindness and generosity on social media. This might also garner more support from family and friends.